Tunitas Therapeutics is a privately held biopharmaceutical company that is poised to develop unique and precisely targeted protein therapeutics that will dramatically change the lives of allergy sufferers. With Tunitas’ proteins, patients receive a treatment regimen in their allergist’s office that will alter the natural course of their disease, providing a therapeutic option with long-lasting benefit. 

Epsi-gam, Tunitas’ most advanced fusion protein, is now in formal IND-enabling development. It is a direct inhibitor of basophil and mast cell function, the primary cellular mediators of allergic disease, turning off their signaling through the IgE receptor; in addition it suppresses IgE production, the “holy grail’ of allergy therapy. This unique dual mechanism of action positions epsi-gam to be a game-changing therapeutic approach for patients with moderate to severe asthma uncontrolled with conventional bronchodilators and inhaled corticosteroids and for patients with severe, life-threatening food allergy. 

Tunitas also has a platform of fusion proteins that work by a similar mecahnism as epsi-gam and offers the prospect of long-term relief for specific allergic disease. such as cat and peanut allergies. Building on the long-established precedent of allergy immunotherapy, a single treatment regiment would consist of a series of injections of an allergen-specific targeted vaccine. The regimen is expected to be completed in a fraction of the time of conventional allergy immunotherapy.